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Below are some web sites that might be useful. Especially if you are doing some research on Forest School.
"Down the Woods" has collected these websites from courses, books and search engines to give a background into some of the research that has been done.

The opinions and evidence here are not necessary endorsed by "Down the Woods" and are intended to help those who like research and evidence to discover in theory what Forest School is about.

"Down the Woods"

believe the best way to discover Forest School is to visit a session, watch the magic and chat to the children!

Summary of Research on Forest School References

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Scotland: An Evaluation', Edinburgh: Forestry Commission Scotlan$FILE/ForestSchoolfinalreport.pdf


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The two below are experimental studies of the benefits to children's physical and motor skills
form playing in a forest environment

Fjørtoft, I. 2001 'The Natural
Environment as a Playground for Children:The Impact of Outdoor Play Activities
in Pre-Primary School Children', Early
Childhood Education Journal 29(2): 111-117.

Fjørtoft, I. 2004 'Landscape as
Playscape: The Effects of Natural Environments on Children's Play and Motor
Development', Children, Youth and
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Forest School (the Scandinavian model) is mentioned in this document as particularly promising
approach to education outside of the classroom.

House of Commons Education and Skills Committee 2004-2005 'Education outside the classroom '

London: The Stationary Office.

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